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The purchase of any travel and adventure services offered by Traveloft (hereinafter referred as 'Traveloftindia') constitutes a contractual arrangement between Traveloft and Client (hereinafter referred as 'You') . Booking services with Traveloft represents your unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions herein.


It is mandatory for the client to present all necessary documents in advance. In case of nonsubmission or absence of documents we have the right to terminate your trek/tour/activity also the client wont be entitled to any partial or full refund.


We offer treks with different grades of difficulity, the client should be sure about their physical and mental fitness before joining any trek.

We require our clients to go through a medical inspection before joing any trek in order get to know physical fitness. We are not medical experts and hence the client should get it done before the trek/ tour/ adventure activity.

We hold you solely responsible for providing your correct medical information before commencing the trek.  We expect you to carry proper clothing and equipments.

We assume that the medical data you are sharing with us is true to the best of your knowledge, but if before, during a trek/ tour/ adventure activity we notice any disparity, Traveloft has the right to terminate your trek/ tour/ adventure activity and you will not be entitled to any partial or full refund.

Some of our village tours are at high altitudes and include hiking hence on choosing a village tour as such the client has to be physically fit.

We do not support the use of alcohol or tobacco before, during or after the trek/ tour/ adventure activity. If found consuming or carrying any related substances, Traveloft has the right to cancel your trek/ tour/ adventure activity at that very moment and you wont be entitled to any partial or full refund.


As the safety our clients is our primary concern, if we face any objective or subjective hazard during or before the trek /tour / adventure activity Traveloft shall make changes in the schedule before or during the trek/ tour/adventure activity. Hazards may be like landslides, roadblocks, sickness, political unrest, accidents, cancellation of flights and other. We hope our clients would be understanding in such situations.


We have a friendy staff here at Traveloft and we expect that the on trek/ tour/ adventure activity behaviour of our client will be good. If the client's behaviour is not suitable and is causing vexation or anguish among fellow participants or Traveloft's staff, we have the right to terminate his/her, trek/ tour/ adventure activity at that very moment. In such cases the decision will be made by the Trek leader and the client will not be liable to any refund of the missed services.

The client must understand that Traveloft ensures comfort for our clients but amenities in the Himalayas may not be similar as one is used to at home. Hence during a trek or a  high-altitude village tour we request our clients to have ardour , warmth and the cooperation despite of lack of amenities.


The client is solely responsible for choosing the correct dates of his trek/ tour/ adventure activity. Traveloft will not be responsible or liable to pay any partial or full refund in case of wrong date arrivals.

The responsibility of the luggage and personal items such as bags, tickets, goods, cash or any electronic equipment is solely on the client. During the entire trek/ tour our adventure activity, the luggage respnsibilty is of the client and in case something gets misplaced Traveloft can not be held responsible.


If a trek/ tour/ adventure activity has been cancelled due to a natural disaster or any unforeseen circumstances such as accident, roadblocks, curfew,etc Traveloft will provide a coupon(One year validity ) to the client which can be used to select a different date for the trek/ tour/ adventure activity.

No partial or full refund if the client misses or voluntarily leaves the trek at the starting or during the trek.

Refunds are strictly not possible for any unused or missed service whether it is voluntary or involuntary like late arrival on tour and any kind of mishap.

Unless asked for (Or booked with Traveloft), the services like insurance, domestic airfare, airport taxes, excess baggage charges, drivers, camping staff, meals other than those specified in the package, beverages, phone call and any kind of personal expense will not be paid by Traveloft.


The client need to understand that to run a trouble-free trip we have link up with third parties.While booking a trek with us you might experience a third party carrying out chores like traveling. Traveloft will not be held liable in case of any deficiency of service from the third party.

Traveloft will not be held liable if your luggage gets misplaced while in a hotel, homestay, camp, during carried by porters or ponies. The client needs to be aware and cautious about their own luggage.

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