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Are you ready for an adventure?


Our company Traveloft India offers rock climbing workshops for individuals and groups of all ages and skill levels. Located in Dehradun, we provide an experience like no other. Our knowledgeable and experienced guides will take you to some of the most breathtaking rock formations in and around the city. Our workshops are designed to provide a challenging and rewarding experience, while ensuring your safety at all times.

It is perfect for those who are new to rock climbing and want to learn the basics, We provide all the necessary equipment, including helmets, ropes, and harnesses, and our guides will teach you the proper techniques for climbing and descending the rocks.

We also offer workshops in the outskirts of Dehradun, where you can experience the beauty of nature while climbing. Our workshops are designed to minimize our impact on the environment and we follow Leave No Trace principles to ensure that we leave the rocks and surrounding areas in pristine condition.


Is the workshop beginner friendly?


If you are searching for a beginner-friendly way to learn the basics of rock climbing and discover the stunning vertical landscapes of Dehradun, our Intro to Rock Climbing are an ideal choice. Our guides will provide instruction on essential safety and sustainability practices, while also creating a supportive and encouraging environment for all participants. We believe that rock climbing is an exceptional and fulfilling activity that should be accessible to people from all backgrounds and skill levels. That's why our introductory workshops are open to anyone, regardless of their experience level or background. We are committed to making rock climbing an inclusive and enjoyable experience for everyone

We believe everyone can enjoy rock climbing and our objectives are to help beginners learn the basics and pursue this fantastic sport

Our Intro to Rock Climbing workshop include personalized instruction on the following topics and techniques:

  • Gearing up for rock climbing

  • Objective hazards and risk management

  • Foundations of top-rope climbing safety systems, including knots, belaying, cleaning, and/or rappelling

  • Fundamental rock climbing movements and techniques

  • Leave No Trace 

  • Briefing on area's history



  • Instruction by professional guides

  • Materials for top-rope set-up including ropes and anchor materials

  • Group medical kit

  • Belay device

  • Seat Harness

  • Climbing shoes

  • Safety helmets

  • Carabiners and other common climbing gear

  • Snacks and Coffee sometime in the mid of the workshop.


  • Personal clothing 

  • Breakfast/Lunch

  • Transportation
































As this will be your first time participating in a rock climbing activity with us, we have created a workshop specifically tailored for beginners with no prior experience in the field.

The skills that will be covered in this workshop are following:

  • Participants will learn about the basic rock climbing equipment used, such as carabiners, harnesses, climbing helmets, and climbing shoes and their use.

  • The workshop will cover the terminologies used in the field to help participants better understand the concepts and techniques involved.

  • Introduction to top rope climbing and its principles will be provided.

  • Participants will learn about the different types of holds that they will encounter while climbing and how to approach them.

  • The workshop will also provide an introduction to rappelling, including its principles and techniques.





Our second workshop is designed for those who have already participated in our first workshop and want to further explore the world of rock climbing. During this workshop, we will introduce you to more advanced skills and techniques.

The skills covered in this workshop include:

  • A refresher of rappelling principles and techniques covered in the first workshop

  • Knots and hitches used in rock climbing

  • Base/anchor setup for top rope climbing and rappelling

  • Introduction to belaying techniques

  • Climbing advance lines to enhance climbing skills

  • Advanced rappelling techniques

By the end of this workshop, participants will have gained a deeper understanding of rock climbing techniques and will be able to apply them in a safe and controlled environment. Our experienced guides will be there to provide hands-on instruction and support throughout the workshop.

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