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Nestled in the breathtaking Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand lies Regcha, a small village that offers a
glimpse into the authentic rural life of the region. To reach Regcha, one must embark on a scenic
journey through the rugged terrain, starting from Jakhol in a local jeep. Brace yourself for a bumpy ride
as the road to Regcha is not well-paved, but the adventure that awaits is well worth it.

As you leave Jakhol behind, the descent to the river bed begins, guiding you towards the mesmerizing
Supin River. To cross the river, you'll carefully traverse a makeshift log bridge that sends a chill down
your spine, adding an element of thrill to your journey. Once you've crossed the bridge, a sense of
tranquility washes over you as Regcha reveals itself.

Regcha is surrounded by a light forest that adds a touch of serenity to the village. However, it is the lush
village farm fields that dominate the landscape, adorned with seasonal crops and local vegetables
throughout the year. From paddy and wheat to potatoes and a variety of kidney beans, Regcha's fertile
fields showcase the abundance of nature's bounty. The locals take great pride in their agricultural
practices, ensuring a sustainable livelihood and a constant connection to the land.

Regcha and Phitari, two villages situated adjacent to each other, create a unique tapestry of cultural
heritage. Regcha is located below the road, while Phitari lies above it, and together, they form a
harmonious duo. These villages have managed to preserve their customs and traditions, untouched by
modern influences. Stepping into Regcha and Phitari feels like stepping back in time, immersing yourself
in a world where age-old rituals and beliefs are cherished.

The villagers of Regcha and Phitari have stories to tell, and the scars of history can be seen and heard in
the buildings and narratives that have been passed down through generations. The Gorkhas, during
their brief rule over the Garhwal kingdom, left a lasting impact on these areas. The echoes of those
events resonate in the tales shared by the villagers and can be witnessed in the architecture that graces
the village.

A visit to Regcha offers a remarkable opportunity to witness a way of life that remains deeply rooted in
tradition. Engage with the locals, partake in their daily activities, and gain insights into their time-
honored customs. Whether it's participating in farming activities, learning traditional crafts, or simply
savoring the local cuisine, every experience in Regcha leaves a lasting impression.

Regcha beckons the intrepid traveler seeking a genuine cultural experience amidst natures embrace.
Explore the captivating village, wander through the verdant fields, and let the charm of this rustic gem
touch your soul.

About the village



Our journey starts with a warm welcome at Dehradun from where we start our journey to Regcha. The
route passes through Shivaliks at first where we will be crossing many hill stations and towns like
Mussoorie, Kempty Falls, Nainbagh etc. From Purola we enter the Greater Himalayas and the terrain
totally changes from here. The pine forest now changes into a mix of deodar, oak, spruce and other

Around evening we reach Jakhol from where we hitch a ride in a local jeep that will take us to Regcha.
The route is treacherous and it will be like a bumpy joy ride. At Regcha we will get to stay with one of
the family in the village. Snacks will be served, you will get to know a little about the village lifestyle on
this day. Later, you can help with cooking in the wood fire stoves or you can just sit around the stove
and talk to the family about village life.

After dinner, we retire for the night.



Awaken to the melodic symphony of chirping birds and the enchanting ambiance of the village. Savor a
refreshing cup of tea to kickstart your day before indulging in a delectable breakfast. Energized and
ready, we embark on our immersive village tour, starting with a visit to the local temple.

In the serene atmosphere of the temple, partake in a brief puja (prayer) to experience the spiritual
essence of the village. As we continue our exploration, marvel at the captivating architecture of the
houses and buildings. The intricate wood carvings leave us in awe, pondering the craftsmanship that
brings them to life—truly a mystery we can't unravel.

Our journey takes us through the verdant fields, adorned with bountiful crops. Immerse yourself in the
farming activities, gaining firsthand experience of rural life. Feel the connection to the land as you
participate in these activities, and witness the dedication and skill required for a successful harvest.

Afterward, we return to the village for a delicious lunch, allowing ourselves a moment of relaxation.
Rejuvenated, we venture towards Phitari, the twin village of Regcha. Phitari boasts a beautiful temple
and a historic house that holds captivating tales shared by the locals. The temple, a marvel in itself, was
believed to be created by the industriousness of ants. The indigenous bunker turned home, once a
refuge during the Gurkha invasion, offers a glimpse into the village's resilient past.

As the day gently transitions into evening, join the locals for a heartwarming cup of tea, accompanied by
captivating folk stories. Immerse yourself in their rich oral traditions and let their tales transport you to
another time and place.

With hearts filled with cherished memories, we bid adieu to the village and return to our cozy homestay,
ready to retire for the night. As you rest, allow the serenity and warmth of Regcha to linger, leaving you
with a sense of deep connection to the village and its people.



As the sun rises, we reluctantly bid farewell to Regcha, our hearts filled with a mix of joy and nostalgia.
Leaving behind the village, we embark on our journey back to Dehradun, cherishing the memories we
have created. Although parting ways is never easy, we carry with us the beautiful moments that will
forever remain etched in our hearts.

During our return journey, we pause at a picturesque spot to savor a delightful lunch. This moment of
respite allows us to reflect on the incredible experiences we have shared and the connections we have

As evening approaches, we finally arrive in Dehradun, where we bid adieu to one another. It is a
bittersweet moment, however, we depart with renewed spirits and revitalized souls, ready to embrace
our daily lives in the city.

This tour, akin to an invigorating energy drink for the soul, leaves us feeling refreshed and energized.
Although our time in Regcha has come to an end, the memories we have created will serve as a constant
source of inspiration and joy.




  •  All meals during the stay. ( General nutritious meal )


  •  Accommodation in homestay.


  • Local sightseeing and experience.

  • Tour leader and support staff.

  •  Transport from Dehradun to Regcha and back to Dehradun.


  • Meals during road transit i.e. meals during travel from Regcha to Dehradun and vice versa.

  • Any kind of medical insurance.

  • Any personal expenses.

  • Any expense not specified in inclusions.



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